Roy B. Longacre



Roy B. Longacre

Roy B. Longacre, a Board-Certified Attorney in both Personal Injury and Civil Trial Law, has vigorously represented his clients in courtrooms across the State of Texas in a variety of litigation. Recognized as a Texas Super Lawyer by Thomas Reuters from 2014-2018, Mr. Longacre represents clients in personal injury/wrongful death cases, contract disputes, insurance related matters, estate disputes, oil and gas litigation, and other civil litigation.

Mr. Longacre recently successfully defended the will of a deceased sister who left her estate, including a large ranch, to her surviving sister. He also recently settled a dispute on behalf of a client whose insurance company denied coverage for a loss, the denial of which would have cost the client his business. He regularly represents three major insurance companies and their insureds against personal injury and wrongful death claims, but also represents insured parties and families in claims against other insurance companies.

In the past few years, Mr. Longacre’s litigation practice has included several estate disputes, oil and gas disputes, and contract disputes, along with his usual personal injury/wrongful death practice. He believes that his litigation experience and skills lend themselves to any dispute which might end up in the courtroom.

Outside of his law practice, Mr. Longacre enjoys being with his wife, Sandy, his three sons and their families, and his five grandchildren. He also spends time serving his church in numerous capacities, including being a deacon and church trustee.

  • Personal Injury/Wrongful Death Litigation
    • Automobile accidents
    • Construction accidents
    • Oilfield accidents
    • Dog bite cases
    • Premises liability cases
  • Oil & Gas Litigation
    • Lease interpretation/termination
    • Royalty disputes
    • Surface damage disputes
  • Estate Litigation
    • Will interpretation
    • Capacity of the testator/testatrix
    • Duties of executor/executrix
  • Contracts and Business Disputes
    • Contract interpretation
    • Contract enforcement

Representative Cases:

  • Martinez v. City of Abilene, 963 SW2d 559
  • Brothers v. Gilbert, 950 SW2d 213
  • Bartley v. Granite State, 633 SW2d 694
  • Durham Life Insurance v. Cole, 608 SW2d 838
  • Arklatex v. Harms, 603 SW2d 390, 615 SW2d 177
  • Texas Tanks, Inc. v. Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corp., 99 F.3d 734
  • Micromedia v. Automated Broadcast Controls, 799 F.2d 230
  • Interfirst Bank of Abilene v. Lull Manufacturing, 778 F.2d 228
  • Arrow Automatic Fire Prot. v. Wesleyan Corp., 2017 Tex.App. Lexis 1826
  • Crystal River Oil & Gas, LLC v. Patton, 510 SW3d 226
  • Richmond v. Wells, 395 SW3d 262
  • Kemp v. Jensen, 329 SW3d 866